Ohio lawmakers seek to make vehicle hidden compartments illegal

TOLEDO, OH (TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - Ohio lawmakers are one step closer to making hidden compartments in vehicles illegal. 

Governor John Kasich says he wants the bill passed immediately and it will go before the Senate on Thursday after passing the Committee earlier in the week.

State troopers say the amount drug busts on the roadways are increasing by detecting the hidden compartments on vehicles. They say 5 kilograms of cocaine was found inside of a hidden dashboard compartment during a traffic stop in Warren County this week.

The proposed law would make a hidden compartment a fourth degree felony with a maximum penalty of a year and a half behind bars, whether or not anything illegal is found inside. Vehicles with dealer installed compartments would be exempt.

Law Enforcement will have to prove the car owner knew about the compartment and planned to use it to smuggle drugs in order to get a conviction.

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