Toledo-area police announce Prom Blitz to keep teens safe

TOLEDO, OH (TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - Toledo Police Officers will be putting in extra time during prom season by performing The Prom Blitz that will go on from now through mid May.

The goal of the blitz is to crack down on reckless driving among teens, as well as those who get their hands on alcohol.

Toledo Police Officers will put patrols out during and after high school proms, including any other prom-related events.

The blitz is being funded by a grant through The Ohio Department of Public Safety.

Officers say the goal is to assure that teens celebrate prom safely because it is supposed to be a fun and memorable event.

"Our goal is not really to make arrests.  Our goal is to make sure that everybody is safe. If people know that we're out there and going to be enforcing the traffic laws, enforcing the alcohol laws, then they're hopefully going to be less likely to engage in that activity,"  Toledo Police Department Sergeant Joe Heffernan.

Outside of Toledo, the Hancock County Sheriff's Office will also be putting extra patrols on their roads for a couple of weekends this month. 

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