Cedar Point named "Storm Ready" by National Weather Service

SANDUSKY, OH (Toledo News Now) – Cedar Point can now say it is one of the safest places in Ohio. The National Weather Service has deemed the amusement park "Storm Ready."

Officials at Cedar Point were recognized for their efforts in keeping guests safe.

"Weather in Ohio can be a huge issue in May and early June, and we just feel like we are very prepared to monitor the weather and take immediate action when it gets severe enough when we want our guests to take shelter." Director of Safety Ken Berryhill explained.

The park has been named a "Storm Ready Site" due to their efforts to strengthen safety programs. According to Berryhill, it was a year-long application process that led to the addition of numerous tools to ensure the park met all 6 program guidelines:

"[We] developed a lighting detection program that is real time, gives us real quick information. We have distributed about 50 weather alert radios throughout the park and all the different department offices and we also did storm spotters training for several of our employees here at the park."

Berryhill hopes guests see it as reassurance:

"We don't want our guests to worry about safety, we want them to have the best day they can possibly have visiting our amusement park and so we want to take the worry out of their hands and we'll take care of watching the weather, making sure that we take the appropriate steps quickly when weather starts getting bad."

Cedar Point is the first and only commercial site in Ohio to receive the recognition. Only 47 other sites have received the title.

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