Ohio Department of Development asking Perrysburg company for records

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) – The Ohio Department of Development says Perrysburg-based Willard and Kelsey Solar Group is late submitting reports regarding taxpayer dollars.

The state of Ohio says Willard and Kelsey promised nearly 400 jobs, and that is why they were given loan and grant money, which came from taxpayers. Now, the reports they are waiting on are supposed to show whether the company delivered their promise.

Residents say they work hard for their money, and they want to make sure their tax dollars are going to the right things. The Ohio Department of Development agrees, and says it is aggressively pursuing late reports from Willard and Kelsey Solar Group in order to make decisions.

"Exactly where their standings are, what they've been doing and the future, you know what they plan on doing in the future as far as the company goes, so I definitely think they should keep everybody informed." says taxpayer Melissa Farley.

The Department of Development says it gave Willard and Kelsey $5 million in loans and $500,000 in grants. The city of Perrysburg also gave the company grant money, and Mayor Nelson Evans wants to know what is being done with it:

"A great opportunity for us to have a building occupied, and hopefully bring us some taxes. Obviously they haven't fired up and geared up as fast as we hoped they would, and I'm sure as they hoped they would."

The mayor says the government needs those missing documents in order to make the reports to the public:

"If we're supposed to report on something, and we haven't done it, then the citizens start questioning 'When are we going to get answers?' and things. Our feet are held to the fire too, so I'm sure the businesses, their feet, can be held to the fire."

Willard and Kelsey has not yet commented, and if reports show the company hasn't created enough jobs, the state says it will reduce future benefits.

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