Pasta Primavera

Pasta Primavera

1 lb shaped pasta, bow ties, ridged penne, twists, etc.
1-2 large carrots, peeled & cut into thin strips
1-2 med zucchini, cut into small bite size pieces
2 cups asparagus, 1" cuts
1 sweet red pepper, cut in thin strips
1 onion, 1/8" slices
3 cups broccoli florets
1 pint cherry or grape tomatoes, halved
1/3 cup olive oil
Sea salt & pepper
1 Tblsp. granulated or powdered garlic or more to taste
1 Tblsp. dried Italian herbs or fresh herbs of choice
½ cup parmesan cheese, grated (may add other cheeses such as Asiago)
1 (8 oz.) container Mascarpone cheese (Italian cream cheese)

Place all vegetables except tomatoes on a large lined baking sheet in a single layer. Toss with oil and seasonings except Italian herbs. Roast at 425 degrees for 5-10 minutes or more, depending on the thickness of the vegetables, until CRISP TENDER and vegetables have some brown caramelized spots.

Cook pasta in heavily salted water until barely tender. Drain, saving 1 ½ cups pasta water or use warm chicken or vegetable broth.

Toss the hot pasta with Italian herbs, enough of the mascarpone cheese and some pasta water or broth to form a nice coating. Toss in the roasted vegetables including tomatoes and the cheese(s) and more broth if sauce is too thick.

Adjust seasonings. Do not over toss or veggies will break up.

Sprinkle with additional cheese, if desired.  Substitute your favorite veggie combinations. Convenience Tip: Can prepare vegetables and pasta ahead and assemble at the last minute.