Liquor Control Commission to offer vodka discounts

MAUMEE, OH (Toledo News Now) - The State Liquor Control Commission is looking to move a certain type of alcohol out of its stash quickly, which could calculate into savings on some favorite spirits.

The liquor control agency sets the price for all alcohol throughout the state. When certain kinds of alcohol do not sell fast enough, store owners have to make room for types that will.

"Back years ago there used to be - we just had one aisle of vodka. Now it's gotten so great with the flavors and variety, that now it's almost two full aisles of vodka, and it's overtaking everybody's store, not just mine," said Brad Robertson, owner of Pauken Wine & Liquor in Maumee.

There is a flavored vodka for any taste. Robertson said the companies that make alcohol are always coming up with something new, and some of it is not easy to sell.

"Things have to meet a certain sales requirement. They have to sell so many cases within a certain period of time. If it doesn't meet that state standard, that's when they get rid of things to make room for new items coming in," explained Robertson.

The state has created a list of more than 50 vodkas that will be on sale at liquor stores across the state for a 15 percent discount, which could save between $2 to $10.

Robertson said the idea is a great way for vodka connoisseurs to branch out.

"They'll be able to probably try something they haven't been able to try before at a discounted price. So it'll be something they'll be able to pick up and try, and it won't cost them as much as they would have paid a month ago," said Robertson.

State officials said the low prices will last as long as the supply does.

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