Ten students arrested after high school fight

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – Ten students are under arrest after a fight broke out on the second floor of Scott High School Tuesday morning, and police are saying it looks like it was gang-related.

The students involved were between 15 and 17 years old. Surveillance video led staff to identify the 10 students responsible for the chaotic scene, some of which were involved in another large fight in front of the school in the middle of the street last week.

The fights are coming up as Toledo police begin to implement a new initiative targeting gang violence among adults, and try to keep violence from spilling into the schools.

"You have to remember a lot of that starts in the neighborhoods before it filters into the school. We do know there's an issue in the schools, we're aware of it." says Officer Flo Wormely.

Officer Wormely coordinates a diversion program that keeps kids out of court, and puts them into a mentoring program. She says they will often do community service with rival gang members:

"They can actually talk to each other without having an audience which can cause an incident at school that might erupt into a fight. Some of them, if they want to change their life, they take heed to the opportunities they have. Then you have some that don't want to take heed."

The students involved in Tuesday's fight will face disciplinary action at the school level, including suspension and possible expulsion. They can also get help, but it falls on the students to decide whether or not to change their ways.

"When we see these activities we have a life coach there that has discussions with these students and graduation coach that has discussions with these students. To give them other options that are much more constructive and positive to be a part of." says TPS Assistant Superintendent Romules Durant.

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