Toledo man faces felony charges after police chase

LAKE TOWNSHIP, OH (Toledo News Now) – A Toledo man is in the Wood County jail facing felony charges from a chase that injured two officers Tuesday afternoon.

The chase took place on I-280 and the Ohio Turnpike in Lake Township. It began on I-280 near the Bahnsen Road exit, where Lake Township police pulled over 36 year old Gregory Baldwin of Toledo for speeding.

Lake Township Police Chief explained what happened when officer Kelly Clark pulled Baldwin over:

"As she was talking to him and getting his identification and informing him of the nature of the stop, he took off on her."

Officer Clark instinctively reached her hand out to stop Baldwin as he drove off, and suffered a wrist injury.

Officer Shannon Badgett joined the pursuit, which took them onto the Ohio Turnpike interchange going 90 miles per hour.

Investigators say Baldwin drive through a toll booth crossing arm, and rounded the on-ramp to go east on the turnpike, but he did not get far.

Badgett used the black push bars on the front of his vehicle, and hit the right back end of Baldwin's car, spinning him out, and off to the right side of the turnpike, and into a ditch.

"Great decision, followed our policy and procedure to the tee. And like you said, when you get into these pursuits they are all dangerous. The quicker you can get it over, minimizing the risk to the public and minimizing the risk to the officers and the suspect, is better." said Chief Hummer.

Baldwin was arrested and taken to Mercy St. Charles Hospital for head pain. Officer Clark was also treated for her wrist injury, and officer Badgett was also examined after the collision.

Baldwin could be charged with felony eluding police, possession of marijuana and cocaine, and damage to state property.

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