UT police investigating armed robbery on University Hills

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – A University of Toledo student was robbed on his way home Monday night by two suspects carrying guns, right after a similar robbery occurred near the 7-11 on west Bancroft Street.

Police believe that the same male suspects are involved in both incidents, and students say it is a common occurrence.

"If you get robbed it's not something new, you call the cops, they won't do nothing. They'll tell you, are you still getting robbed? If it's a yes, they'll come, if it's a no - go make a police report. There's nothing else they're going to do. They're not coming out." said student Jamal Duais.

"I could honestly say somebody every month that I know personally gotten robbed, in this neighborhood and the surrounding areas." said student Doug Krantz, who has been robbed 3 times since coming to UT. His car has been broken into twice, and his house was robbed.

University of Toledo Police Chief Jeff Newton says it is rare to hear about campus armed robberies:

"It's not common where we have a weapon involved. It's also uncommon for those that occur on our campus -there are some years where we have no incidents like that, other years we'll have a handful, three or four incidents, but usually no more than that."

Duais disagrees with the chief:

"I feel unsafe, I sleep and my guns under my pillow at all times. And I'm serious, I don't have anything in my apartment because I'm scared they'll break in - the only thing that's good about it, is that it's very cheap."

UT police ask that if you have any information regarding the two robberies, call (419) 520-2600.

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