Wood Co. residents to get upgraded water meters

WOOD COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) - Residents of Wood County may notice some changes in their next few water bills. Northwestern Water and Sewer District officials said they are changing meters to give customers more accurate readings.

Some customers were not getting accurate readings because the meters were old and unable to detect water leaks. In Wood County, 6,800 meters will be replaced with more up-to-date technology.

Northwestern officials said the new devices will read water usage on an hourly basis and transmit that information back to the company. This allows customers to see hour-by-hour usage if they have any questions about their bill. The new meters are also designed to detect leaks so the company can notify customers immediately.

Officials believe this will improve customer service and prevent people from being overcharged.

"This is brand new technology, the water meters are guaranteed for a 20-year life, and we think that everybody will be able to see the actual consumption. That'll be a lot more accurate than the old water meters," said Dave Cook of the Northwestern Water and Sewer District.

The company is finishing upgrades in Perrysburg Township. Over the next few weeks, meters will be replaced in Walbridge.

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