Restaurant Ratings: Hungry I, Cinco de Mayo rack up violations

(TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - Planning on celebrating Cinco de Mayo? Be wary of some local restaurants as health inspectors found pests, pets, poor storage and other violations this week.

Hungry I at Renaissance Place received the most violations in the latest report from health inspectors. Their 21 infractions in April included spinach dip in the cooler that was 18 days old, plastic cups used as scoops, improper food storage temperatures, and employees handling food with their bare hands. Five of their violations were repeats, including damaged freezer doors, old date labels, ice buildup in the walk-in freezer, opened bags on stock shelves and gnats at the bar.

Inspectors also said the facility is required to have someone who is certified in food safety in charge during all hours of operation.

Management had no comment.

Gino's on West Alexis Road racked up 13 violations, including improper cleaning utensils, a dirty ice scoop improperly stored, portion cups used as scoops, food stored on the floor, improper food storage temperatures, and no thermometer in the dessert cooler.

The Oarhouse Bar & Grille on Suder Avenue also had 13 violations. Violations included raw food stored above ready-to-eat food, no date-marked items, improper storage, no hand soap or paper towels at sinks, employee belongings stored on kitchen prep surfaces, unlabeled chemical bottles, and maintenance issues.

Cinco de Mayo on Alexis Road had nine violations including improper storage of raw meats and shrimp, buildup in the ice machine and chemicals not properly labeled.

Inspectors made the McDonalds on North Summit Street throw out tomatoes that had been sitting out too long. That was a repeat violation for the restaurant, along with buildup in the nozzles of the creamer machine. Other violations included buildup in the ice machine and building maintenance.

Par 2 Golf on Alexis Road is the one that had a cat laying on the front counter. While that is prohibited, it was their only violation. The only animals allowed in establishments that serve food are decorative fish and working dogs.

Five Guys and Fries on West Central Avenue opened more than two years ago. In their last inspection, health inspectors noted good date marking on food, use of gloves and hairnets and stated the facility was very clean and organized.

Only 13 establishments received zero violations this week including Five Guys, Shuckers on Airport Highway in Swanton, MacQueen Orchards on Garden Road in Holland, Netty's on Dorr Street, Jugs Bowling Center on Jackman, Point Place Hot Dogs on North Summit Street, Holloway Liquor on Airport Highway in Holland, Scott Park Concessions on Scott Park, and Tony's Cones and Coneys on West Laskey Road.

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