Adoption process for abandoned pups gets complicated

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – The adoption process for the 6 abandoned puppies left behind in a suitcase a few weeks ago just got a little bit more complicated. The father of the dogs is a pit bull.

The normal adoption age for puppies is 8 weeks, and the "Suitcase Six" are now 7 weeks old. Now, after discovering they are part pit bull, an Ohio law is changing the adoption process.

If the Humane Society waits until after May 21, there will be a way around the complications.

"We did a little research, found out that the father of the puppies is a pit bull and under our rules, Pit Bull type dogs we have to have different adoption type procedures for. If we were to put them up for adoption today, we would have to put them up right now, when the Ohio Revised code or Ohio State Law says that Pit Bulls are inherently vicious dogs, you have to have liability insurance, you have to have a locked fence yard and other provisions." Humane Society Executive Director John Dinon says.

Dinon is confident the pups will find loving homes:

"We got thousands of calls of people who wanted to adopt bull dog mixes and now when people find out that they are probably going to be considered pit bulls- some people may change their mind about."

The Humane Society hopes to have an adoption date set by the end of the week. When that date is set, adoption is likely to be through a lottery, rather than the usual "first come, first serve" basis.

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