Perrysburg schools try to improve Wood County

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) – The Perrysburg School District is calling its new efforts with the city of Bowling Green a partnership to improve Wood County and save taxpayer money.

The district explained that at this time of year, it needs help getting rid of trash, and that is where 3 Bowling Green agencies come in.

Locker clean-out day is coming up, and on that day, 1400 students get rid of at least that many pounds of paper each year.

"Well people usually just throw them straight in the trash.  I think there are probably better ways to deal with it, but as of now people are just throwing them away in the rush to get out of the high school." explained Perrysburg High School student Wakanene Kamau.

However, this year will be different. The city of Bowling Green is loaning the district 40 large recycling bins, and Wood Lane community employment will be responsible for picking them up. The Bowling Green Recycling Center will do the processing.

Perrysburg High School Principal Dr. Michael Short says everyone in the community benefits from this project:

"Schools are the community, and when we can show that we are trying to take these steps and these measures to help preserve the beauty that is Perrysburg, then that helps the community in general."

The agencies involved say this is the most efficient use of Wood County taxpayer dollars.

"It's all about utilization of resources, certainly. You know, Bowling Green had some containers that they used, but not all the time, so we're getting to use those. Keeps stuff out of landfills because everything we collect goes to the Bowling Green recycling center." said Wood Lane Employment Services Coordinator Vic Gable.

Gable says keeping trash out of landfills saves money, and sets a good example for students.

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