Businesses recruit teens for summer jobs

TOLEDO, OH (TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - They came from fast food restaurants, car washes--even hotels.

Fifteen businesses spent Saturday at the Erie Street Market recruiting teenagers for summer jobs.

One of the teens was Devin Bartlett.

"I need some money to be able to do the stuff I want to do. These days, about everything costs money" he says.

This was the second Teen Job Fair sponsored by the city of Toledo.

Mayor Mike Bell says it's a way to activate youth.

"And it actually helps them teach responsibility, gives them an opportunity to make their own money. In some cases, that money can help their families increase the quality of life in the city of Toledo."

Mr. Bell worries young people in the city will have nothing constructive to do this summer.

"We're just reaching out and we're not trying to make judgement on who should get what. But what we want to do is give everyone an opportunity to at least get employed."

The jobs are definitely out there.

One employment service at the fair is hiring 300 teens to work on a production line that--among other things--fills cookie orders.

"They will be packaging that and putting them into boxes and pallets and sending them out to grocery stores" according to Michael Kohn of Impact Employment Solution.

Devin went from booth to booth looking for work.

If he doesn't get hired at the fair, he'll take his job search elsewhere.

"Need a job. Need some way to help the family" he says. 

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