Oak Harbor residents concerned over proposed emergency response changes

PORT CLINTON, OH (TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - When Oak Harbor residents call 911 they get an Oak Harbor dispatcher.

Under a proposed change in The Ottawa County Emergency Management System their calls would directly go to the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office in Port Clinton.

A dispatcher there would call the Oak Harbor dispatcher--who would notify the proper emergency crews.

Residents say they are worried that would slow down response time.

The 911 advisory committee recommends severing the 911 service to save money.

That's because of an upcoming plan to partner the emergency services of Ottawa and Wood Counties.

Installation of the Oak Harbor service cost 42 thousand dollars.

Annual maintenance is six thousand dollars.

The Oak Harbor Call Center averages two calls a day.

"I just feel we won't get the information as quick to our officers, firemen, ems. So we can stay on the line until help gets to them,"

Fred Peterson heads up the Ottawa County management agency and is also on the 911 advisory committee.

Peterson says Oak Harbor callers will not notice any change in 911 service.

"If it's a time factor and safety factor and it was going to impact any of the residents in Ottawa County that would be a concern of ours. We don't think there's no negative impact from the time from the time it gets to the emergency services to the public," said Peterson.

The Ottawa County Commissioners have the final say on the change and will meet next week on the issue. 

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