Students who assaulted classmate facing charges

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – Four students who physically and verbally assaulted a 14 year old on her way home from school are facing charges. Hannah Watt was walking home from Arbor Hills Junior High School when the students began to follow her, and didn't stop until she reached her home.

Her mother, Diana, called the police immediately, but says at the time the officer did not report the incident, and told her she had to go through the school first.

Diana is thrilled that the students will have to face consequences for their actions, and says she wants other students to learn from the incident:

"Chief of police came by my house today to let me know that the Sylvania police take this very, or Sylvania township police take this very seriously. And he let me know that the prosecutor has seen the case and that they will be filing charges against all four of the youth - and then he apologized for the way it was initially handled."

The Assistant Principal of Arbor Hills took action, and disciplined the students.

Hannah received an outpour of support at school on Friday. Many students approached her, just to let her know that they were there for her.

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