Device prevents catalytic converter theft

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – Catalytic converter thieves can be ruthless, and their actions affect businesses and car-owners across northwest Ohio.

For the second time in a month, two catalytic converters were stolen from a truck park outside of the Woodville Rental Company in Toledo, costing $2,700 to replace, a loss of productivity and downtime.

The store's owner installed a camera after the first theft, and now he is turning to a cage-like contraption that clamps on and weaves a thick cable around your catalytic converter. The Cat-Clamp is built in our area, and is tough to cut through.

"It's kind of like an insurance policy, a little bit difficult to sell but easy to sell to people who have experienced a theft." explains inventor Jim Dusa.

The device costs between $100 and $300, but that is less than the cost of most repairs. Dusa claims a 100% success rate:

"This thing would take a long time to defeat, a lot of tools, a lot of noise. The thief gets under there, they think they have a thirty second grab and go. They see our product under there, they're intimidated.  they don't even know where to start, they just leave and go to the next vehicle."

Toledo City Council has passed a law to catch those scrapping converters for their valuable platinum, which requires scrappers to catalogue, keeping a paper trail of those selling converters.

Experts say in addition to parking in well-lit and secure area, you can etch your vehicle identification number into the converter so it's easier to track down.

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