Rossford adding new streetlights downtown

ROSSFORD, OH (Toledo News Now) - The city of Rossford is finishing a big part of its downtown revitalization plan. The city is putting finishing touches on new street lights for the area. Officials said this project is very important for the community.

Officials said this project came directly from the citizens. Community members involved with the downtown revitalization plan put lighting as one of the top priorities.

The city of Rossford was able to make those plans a reality after getting federal grant money. It took a while, but officials said it is now in the final stages of installing 26 new lights and decorative poles. The end result will be about a mile's worth of new street lights throughout the downtown area.

City administrators said they are happy the area will be better lit, but the community members who developed the project had even more in mind.

"To give it a distinct flair from the rest of the street lighting and to come back to a little more historical theme for the downtown so that project came out of that effort," said Ed Ciecka, Rossford city administrator.

The city expects to finish the project by the end of May.

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