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Don't Waste Your Money: Unemployment benefits may be running out

(TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - Anyone collecting unemployment benefits may see them run out sooner than expected.

By now, most adults have heard the term "99ers." They are people collecting extended unemployment benefits, which can stretch up to 99 weeks. Now those extensions are starting to come to an end.

Ray Mullins has been out of work since last year. Despite 30 years of experience in auto repair and mechanical systems maintenance, he said he was caught by downsizing.

He will soon be downsized again, getting bad news from the head of his local unemployment office.

"He stood up and announced to everyone in the room that as of this week, all extensions are done, the check you get this weekend will be your last check," said Mullins.

In states across the country, extended benefits are beginning to come to an end.

Mullins will not get the chance to become a 99er.

"Well, my world's coming to an end," said Mullins. 

The extensions, set up by Congress to help states with high unemployment rates, end when unemployment drops. So what had been 99 weeks in many states is now dropping to 79 weeks as hiring improves.

Early in 2013, even that extension will start phasing out back down to the original 26 weeks, or just over 6 months.

Mullins, who looks for work every day, cannot understand why Congress is pulling the rug out from under him and thousands of others. Mullins does not see the economy improving.

"No I don't. No I don't see it. I do everything: I network, get on the computer, even take one day and drive around past all the factories, stop and talk to them," said Mullins.

Falling unemployment is good news for workers as companies start hiring again, but it is bad news if you are unable to find work.

If you are on unemployment, check with your local office to see if your benefits may soon be cut so you don't waste your money.

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