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Rossford addressing concerns about casino's negative effect

ROSSFORD, OH (TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - About a month away from Hollywood Casino's grand opening, Rossford is addressing concerns about its effect on the community.

For most part, Rossford residents said they are fine with the casino itself, but they are worried about they types of businesses it will attract. City council said it is taking a closer look at what they can do to protect the community.

Rossford business owner Patrick McGrady is excited for the boost he expects from the new casino, but he said he is not excited about adult entertainment stores the city said could follow and distract from current businesses.

"They have residential areas that's right off the main drive there. Plus you have churches, you have schools, you have to worry about kids," said McGrady.

Rossford City Council agreed, especially since the area around the casino is zoned for sexually-oriented businesses. They are doing a study about changing setback requirements.

"The concern in the community, of course, is that if these businesses were to pop up and be right up along the roadway, it could lead to a different type of atmosphere coming into the city," said Ed Ciecka, Rossford city administrator.

City council said proposed changes would force new businesses to set up farther away from the road. Even though they cannot ban adult entertainment businesses, officials said setback changes could keep them from overpowering Rossford.

"We're a family-oriented community, we'd like to maintain a family-oriented atmosphere, and so we wanna see that we can continue that and project it in any way we can," said Ciecka.

McGrady and other area business owners are taking steps of their own, including a meeting centered around casino issues in May.

"Baby steps. It probably should have been done awhile back, but we wanna make sure that we're ready for again the impact that May 29 or whatever the opening day is," said McGrady.

City council and local businesses said they are trying to make sure that impact is positive.

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