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Restaurant ratings: A new business racks up 8 violations

(WTOL) - Spoiled milk and nowhere to wash your hands. Those are a couple of violations found in this week's restaurant ratings report.

The Walgreens on Secor Road had two repeat violations, including spoiled milk buildup in the cooler. The manager said they do clean coolers once a week and that was obviously a spot that was missed. The other repeat violation was having interior lights in coolers not shielded.

Health inspectors said Emmanuel Christian School on Laskey Road had no hand washing sink in the upstairs serving area, which is a critical violation.

Michelle Krum just opened Mama's Kitchen on West Sylvania Avenue and feels the business can be overwhelming at times. Seven weeks in she has already racked up eight health code violations, making her the top violator this week.

"This cooler was reading just a few temperatures warmer than what it should have been and we immediately threw everything out," said Krum.

Krum understood her temperature, menu and storage violations.

"We knew the meat had to be at the bottom but we didn't realize what order. Now we know," said Krum.

Inspectors also found single-use containers being reused and unused equipment in the facility.

According to Krum, everything has been fixed.

"We could always use the advice. This is a whole new ball game for us and we're loving it," said Krum.

Over at Jefferson Jr. High, inspectors said employees were re-using containers that could have been hazardous to students' health. Inspectors said staff was reusing slurpee syrup containers that can break down in the dishwasher and dissolve in food. Staff was advised to stop reusing single-use containers.

Andrew Z's restaurant, Joe Dubb's Pizza Pub, also racked up some violations, including improper temperatures for coolers and equipment that needed to be replaced.

Now onto the good news.

"This is my award I got, which I am proud of," said Anis Haddad, owner of Ayana's Coney Island.

Ayana's Coney Island on West Sylvania Avenue takes top honors once again with zero violations.

"You do it everyday. It doesn't pile up and it stays clean," explained Haddad.

Haddad has been at the restaurant for two years, but in the business for 30.

"You don't want people to get sick. Every corner has to be clean, not just your food," said Haddad.

Haddad said he knows other kitchens cut corners, but said customers will not find that at his restaurant.

"People do cut corners because they say, 'That's okay. I can do it tomorrow.' There's no tomorrow in food," said Haddad.

Other restaurants that had zero violations include El Salto, Capers Pizza Bar, Family Dollar, Cindee Shivers, Maumee Valley Chocolate and Candy, Tony's Farm Market, Dollar General, Speedway, Max Mart and Bill Lake Memorial Hall.

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