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Cracker Barrel Shooting: The Victims


Victim #1: Katherina Allen - DECEASED

Katherina Allen, 42, was shot in the head and torso near the check out counter of the Cracker Barrel Restaurant. She was married to Kevin Allen in 2000. Katherina reported domestic issues to Strongsville Police on Tuesday, April 10th after she and kids left her husband on Easter Sunday.

Victim #2: Kerri Allen - DECEASED

Kerri Allen, 10, was fatally shot in the abdomen, in the restroom of the Cracker Barrel. It was her 10th birthday and was out celebrating collectively with her family.

Victim #3: Kayla Allen - DECEASED

Kayla Allen, 10, was shot in the gift shop of the Cracker Barrel. The extent of her injuries are unknown at this time. She was transported to MetroHealth Medical Center and later transported to Hospice of the Western Reserve where she died several days later.


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