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Cracker Barrel Shooting: The Suspect

A Strongsville man gunned down his family at a Cracker Barrel Thursday evening, on his daughter's 10th birthday.

Kevin Allen, 51, was on a mission to kill at the Cracker Barrel on Tiedeman Road.  Provoked by a broken marriage, he had clearly snapped.

Customers dining at the Cracker Barrel say Kevin Allen and his estranged wife Katherina Allen, 42, were in the checkout line when the fight went down.

9-1-1 calls reveal that Katherina had just told her husband that their marriage was definitely over, when he went outside and started driving around in circles.

Kevin Allen, the monster, returned to the restaurant shortly with a single load shotgun and shot his wife at the checkout counter, then his 10-year-old daughter Kerri who was wandering around in the gift shop.

Next, the crazed father hunted down his other 10-year-old daughter, Kayla, who was in the bathroom hiding, and shot her too. Each time, he loaded a single shell into the shotgun.

Dozens of shots were fired and could be heard in the background of several witnesses' 9-1-1 calls. Customers who witnessed the shooting say "when the gun went off we could see the flame from it. We just ran."

Allen and his estranged wife were headed towards divorce. She agreed to meet him at the Cracker Barrel so he could see the kids on their daughter's 10th birthday.

Officers tried to confront Allen. One officer approached him with a handgun, another with a rifle. Officers shot Allen multiple times in the trunk and extremities as he walked toward the front door.

Kevin Allen, Katherina and her 10-year-old daughter Kerri were pronounced dead on scene. Kayla was transported to MetroHealth Medical Center where she was last listed in critical condition Thursday evening.

Sources tell 19 Action News that Kevin shot his family members at close range. Cracker Barrel employees say Kevin wanted his family members, and nobody else.

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