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Does it Work: Fisher Price Apptivity Case

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Seven-month old Mason is a busy little man, but his mom, Morgan Campbell, says he'll stop long enough to play with her iPhone.

That's where Fisher Price's new Apptivity case comes in. It promises to protect your smart phone's screen, even blocking the home button so the child can't make any calls. The toy company offers free apps to entertain your little one.

"It's something to keep him occupied while we're in the store or in the back seat. I'd let him play with it then."

Morgan has no trouble slipping her iPhone into the hard plastic case. Take note: you'll need a coin to unlock this every time. This way, no little fingers can pry open your high-dollar phone.

"Thud!" is the sound we hear when the baby drops the phone and case.

Looks like it passes the "toss" test.

"Yup, we're still good," said Morgan.

It also holds up when Mason drools and chews on the cover. I want to know what happens when someone tries to call his mom's phone.

I dial it up, and Morgan answers with the Apptivity case still attached. She doesn't have enough time to unlock this with a coin.

"I'm going to answer all my important calls this way!" she laughs.

Keep in mind, if you have a lock on your phone, you'll have to take your phone in and out of this case to maneuver through the apps because, again, the case covers the home button.

"I really like it. I don't think he'll break it. He can play on it."

She also likes the price: $12.

"An Otter box would be more expensive. I'd give it a grade, 'B'. I'd like to switch the apps without completely undoing it."

Fair enough. Let's punch up a good grade 'B' for Fisher Price's Apptivity case on this Does it Work test.  I bought this at Kohl's in Cape Girardeau.

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