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Don't Waste Your Money: iPad 3 comes with drawbacks

(WTOL) - It seems everyone either has, is planning to buy, or is simply lusting after the new iPad. But some people who traded in their old iPad for the new one are wondering if it was the smartest move.

Apple fans were thrilled earlier this month when the newest iPad, the successor to the iPad 2, went on sale. It sold a record 3 million units its first weekend, far more than the previous generation iPad 2. It is expected to continue to be a sales smash.

The new iPad has several major advancements, the biggest being a "retina" display, high definition screen that shows movies and games in true HD.

However, the tech blog has listed a number of reasons some buyers are disenchanted with their new iPad. According to the blog, "the honeymoon may already be over with Apple's newest gadget."

Why some are unhappy

The report said owners are noticing several drawbacks:

1. The new iPad runs much hotter than the previous model.  Consumer Reports Magazine said it warms up to 116 degrees, which is uncomfortably hot on a user's lap.

2. It draws twice the wattage of the earlier model. While the battery is 70 percent more powerful, reports said it draws 100 percent more wattage, making batter life shorter.

3. Battery recharge time takes considerably longer.

4.  It is both heavier and thicker than the iPad 2. Many users were hoping it would be thinner and lighter.

These drawbacks are leaving a growing number of tech blogs saying the honeymoon is now over for the iPad.

You can still buy the old model with a $100 discount, and many people are taking advantage of the deal. But the new iPad is still an amazing gadget, and if you want HD, it is the only way to go.

As always, don't waste your money.

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