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Bowling Green investing in new water tower

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) – The Bowling Green utilities department has announced they will be investing in a new water tower. The city currently has 3 water towers, which cannot hold the 4-5 million gallons of water that residents consume in one day.

The city says they will replace one of the towers, which they say is old and needs extensive repairs, and be better prepared for an emergency situation.

The new and more efficient tower will be located on the north side of Bowling Green , and hold 3-4 times more than the old one. Director Brian O'Connell says it will be able to get the city through at least one day in an emergency situation:

"If we ever would have an emergency at the plant, we would be able to maintain the pressure for fighting fires, for serving customer needs. It's just gonna provide some reliability to customers that we'd have in our system."

The utilities department has stated they are still in the design stages of planning the new water tower, and they expect it to take at least one year to build.

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