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Don't Waste Your Money: Hire professionals for dangerous home repair

(WTOL) - Many of us are doing home repairs ourselves these days to save money. In most cases, that is a great idea. But there are still some dangerous jobs you should leave to a pro.

With the cost of home improvement so high and a simple call to a plumber costing more than $100, many homeowners are taking the do-it-yourself route these days. But while do-it-yourself home repair can save a small fortune, there are some jobs you should never attempt unless you are a pro.

Fixing a faucet or clogged drain? Not a problem for most of us. Maybe changing a light switch? That is alright too.

But the how-to website Man of the House says there are a few home repairs the average person should never attempt.

Projects include:

  • Wiring in your walls, unless you have been professionally trained.
  • Gas line work, especially the gas line to your furnace because if you mess up, you blow up.
  • Large tree branch removal because it is too easy for branches to fall on your head.
  • Serious mold removal. If it is in the walls, a bleach wipedown will not do the job.

From the Doesn't that stink file: Some projects that look easy can be very dangerous. Anything that requires standing on a roof should be handled by someone who has been trained in how to walk on a roof. Many people have died trying to patch a roof, install a satellite dish, even clean gutters.

A good rule of thumb is to hire a professional for any project that you do not understand well, especially if it could burn down your home, injure or kill you if done wrong. It is not worth saving a few bucks if the risk is too high.

Stay safe and don't waste your money.

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