The Oak and Barn - Alger, OH

The Oak and Barn in Alger is a quiet, laid-back, peaceful shopping experience. There's no pushing and shoving. Nobody jumping out at you - a perfect alternative to the hustle and bustle of holiday mall shopping.

"Everything looks as though it is in a home setting so people feel comfortable. They feel as if they're waling around somebody's home or maybe their own home." There are three barns here with three different themes. One features gifts, another home accessories and the third, is a nature barn perched next to a wildlife habitat.

The Oak and Barn was opened 25 years ago by three nuns who left the Sisters of Charity Convent in Cincinnati. Today, the cruise gift markets from coast to coast scooping up merchandise for their charming, sprawling, country barns.

Shoppers are encouraged to take their time, wander around and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. "If anybody looks as if they want us to help them or guide them, we do. But ordinarily, we just leave them alone to walk around and enjoy."

You'll definitely enjoy The Oak and Barn in Alger. Some words of advice: "Don't rush through and please don't forget to pet the cat."

To get there: Take I-75 south to Ada, which is Route 235. Go through town and turn right on Route 309 and that will take you to The Oak and Barn.