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WTOL Editorial: Mayor Bell and the Toledo economy

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Lately there seems to be a lot of noise about Mayor Mike Bell's lack of transparency.

It's become common to read or hear he favors secretive economic development over noisy neighborhood improvement, but I'm not buying it.

Neighborhoods will get better when more people have good jobs. Jobs are the by-product of economic growth. Economic growth requires investment.

Mayor Bell is correctly focused on regional growth through big- time investors. And if some of these investors wish to remain out of the limelight, while that may not be perfect, it's better than having the money go elsewhere.

For this Mayor, his performance evaluation is simple and it is self-defined…he wants to be judged by the regional economy and job creation. If it's way better, he's done his job. If he fails to deliver, he can become an ex-mayor. If he's good with that, then he deserves the chance to prove he's right.

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