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Don't Waste Your Money: Stores tighten shoe return policies

(WTOL) - If you buy a dress or pants and they do not fit well, you head back to the store and return them. As long as you have your receipt, there is no problem. But there is one item that is no longer as easy to exchange.

Shoppers have grown accustomed to returning items they dislike, or that do not fit as well as they had hoped. But there is one type of product that is becoming more and more difficult to return as prices get higher: footwear.

Melissa Winkle did not think twice about wearing new $100 boots a few times to make sure they fit.

"I have worn them four days in the past two weeks and get a maximum of two hours wear out of these. And then the left one, the top of my foot starts throbbing. It's excruciating, painful," explained Winkle.

After eight hours of gentle use, Winkle decided the boots would not work.

"I just wanted my money back," said Winkle.

Winkle returned to the store only to learn she could not return the boots even though she had been very gentle with wearing them.

"Not doing farm work, manual labor, anything like that," said Winkle.

However, the receipt clearly says, "no return on worn items," a policy many footwear stores are adding as women's shoe prices push the $100 mark.

Store employees refused to talk on camera, but the owner later said via phone he would make an exception in this case and exchange the boots.

But unless you are dealing with Nordstroms and its very generous return policy, many women bloggers advised wearing shoes only in the house until you are sure they fit.

Winkle feels these new policies are too strict.

"If you don't wear them, and you don't wear them for what you buy them for, how are you supposed to know whether they work out for you or not?" asked Winkle.

Bottom line: With any purchase, check the return policy before you leave the store. Especially with shoes, find out what the rules are about wearing them, in case you may want an exchange.

That way you don't waste your money.

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