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Perrysburg Public Schools discuss expansion due to overcrowding

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) – Many school districts are currently deciding whether to close or merge buildings, but not Perrysburg. Overcrowding in schools is causing school board members to discuss expansion.

Students at Perrysburg Junior High School are forced to take classes in trailers, or pods, which is not an ideal setting for learning. The pods can also be found at Woodland Elementary, which reports an ongoing 1.5% increase in enrollment each year. A teacher's lounge at Ft. Meigs Elementary was turned into a classroom, and even a closet was converted into another room.

"At our junior high for example, when we begin serving lunches at 10:30 in the morning. And the last lunch we serve is just after 1:00 and we dismiss at 2:30. We don't have the capacity to feed the number of students in a normal lunch time range." said Superintendent Tom Hosler.

On Monday night, a committee which consisted of community members developed four solutions, and presented them to the school board.

Option one, the committee's first choice, is a brand new 7th and 8th grade building next to the high school. That would leave the current junior high to become a 5th and 6th grade building.

Option two is to build a new 5th and 6th grade building, and leave the junior high for the 7th and 8th graders.

Option three would involve building a new Kindergarten-4th grade building, and one elementary school would become a 5th and 6th grade school.

 Option four, the most expensive of the plans, is not to build a new building, but rather expand the existing elementary schools and junior high.

The school board will ultimately decide which option, if any, is chosen. A levy for the plan may not even be on the ballot until 2014 or 2015, and that concerns parents.

"Are we going to increase class size? I don't want to see that happen. That puts a bigger burden on the teachers and less focus on the children." says Christine Myers, whose child is currently in the 1st grade.

The current plan ensures a new building won't open until 2018. You can see complete details on each option and the estimated costs by clicking here.

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