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BGSU to get new crime lab on campus

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) – A state-of-the-art crime lab is coming to Bowling Green right on the Bowling Green State University campus. The end result of the project will be a new facility for the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation, where they run tests on crime evidence. The attorney general's office said this new lab will be a game changer.

BGSU has a BCI but people there said the daily operations are outgrowing the building.

"Right now we're kind of in tight quarters. We're still able to do all of our work, but it is in a much smaller space than we would like," said Cassandra Agosti, BCI lab supervisor.

That is why they are building a new one on BGSU's campus, an $11.9 million facility more than twice the size of the current BCI.

"I think it's very supportive of the surrounding community. We recently had to do away with DNA testing we were doing in this facility due to the size. This will give us that ability if that is an option down the road. It at least opens the door," said Agosti.

BCI agents are not the only ones excited about the new facility. It will also be a place local law enforcement can bring evidence that needs testing.

"It's a place for great collaboration to happen. It's a place for, you know, the agents and the local law enforcement being able to work together. And just a new facility like that in this area will be a great thing," said Tim James, administrative captain of the BGSU Police.

Police said that collaboration will help solve more crimes and solve them faster. It is not just about detective work. BGSU officials said the BCI facility will have a lasting impact on the entire campus community.

"The thought of bringing it onto campus, it was a really intriguing possibility. I don't know that there's really any other model for this in Ohio, which is one of the things that makes it exciting. So for us it really represents a very exciting programmatic opportunity as educators," said Simon Morgan-Russel, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Administrators said they do not know the construction timeline for the new facility. They do not even know where it will be built. They are just excited to see what happens next.

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