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New Details: Second audit released in Cleveland Fire Department pay scandal

19 Action News is tracking new developments in a pay scandal at the Cleveland Fire Department.

A second audit by City Hall was released Tuesday and it's findings were explosive.

City Hall found incredibly sloppy bookkeeping and a pay scandal far worse than it seemed. Firefighters were getting extra days off with extra pay -- and its all on the taxpayers dime.

City Hall says it found a couple of hundred firefighters were abusing the contract and your money. This new audit revealed lots of firefighters were abusing sick time. Widespread abuse of trading shifts with each other which lead to overtime. They were even changing schedules to get extra days off!

Records show one guy worked an extra 5000 hours for buddies and the books show he didn't get paid back. Insiders have told 19 Action News that when some firefighters work for others money gets paid under the table.

The city says its taken steps to tighten timekeeping -- cutting overtime by half a million dollars in six pay periods. Months ago the city started a criminal investigation. 

Last fall, 19 Action News broke the story of some firefighters abusing privileges in their contract by working only a few days a year. That was revealed in the first city audit, and it led to criminal investigation that's still ongoing.

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