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Don't Waste Your Money: Credit card telemarketers are still calling

(WTOL) – The do-not-call list was supposed to stop unwanted telemarketing calls, and for the most part it works. But there is still one type of call that has been ignoring the law.

One of the top consumer complaints received concerns unwanted phone calls about lowering credit card rates. The good news for consumers is a slew of lawsuits may finally shut down "Rachel" and other robot callers.

Millions have received phone calls from Rachel or Kathy saying, "This is Kathy calling about your credit card account."

Peggy Werner said last year these calls were driving her crazy.

"It's a recording and they say, ‘Stay on the line. We can offer you a low credit rate,'" said Werner.

At first, Werner pressed 1 for an operator, assuming it was a representative from her bank that was calling.

"I've asked, ‘Which card are you calling about?' Because it does seem they know about your credit card," explained Werner.

But it is not actually your card company calling.

The Better Business Bureau said these calls from Kathy or Rachel at Card Services are really debt consolidation companies that can charge up to $1,000 to help pay off credit cards.

But these companies may be running out of time.

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller has just filed a suit against a company in Largo, Fla. called Consumer Credit Group, LLC. Investigators said the company appears to be the source of many, if not all, of these calls.

Werner and many others would be thrilled if the suit finally puts these robot callers out of work.

"I thought if I got on the do-not-call registry they would stop. But they don't ever say they will take your name off the list. They just immediately hang up," said Werner.

The worst part of these calls is they do not abide by the do-not-call list, so telling them you are on that list accomplishes nothing.

Perhaps legal action will finally accomplish what no one has been able to do so far, so you don't waste your money.

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