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Does it Work: Sift and Toss

(KFVS/WBRC) - Keeping your kitty's litter box clean isn't a fun job, but it has to be done. If you're looking for a faster, easier alternative to scooping, there is a box of mesh liners that could be just what you need.

Sift and Toss is supposed to grab the dirty litter with its mesh liner, leaving the clean litter behind.

Laura Golden is a Humane Society volunteer who says they have several cats, so they change the litter boxes quite often.

"We do a lot of scooping. We go through a lot of kitty litter. "

She poured water a couple of times for our test. It did clump together, but the holes on that are a little bigger than a scoop, so we had a little fall out when pulled the liner out "I think it works just about the same as scooping," said Golden.

"We do a lot of scooping here because we have a lot of cats here, so it's quicker, in all honesty, for us to just scoop it out."

"If you don't want to scoop this might be a good option, it just depends on your preference and how you like to get things done."

When you compare it to regular cat litter and the volume, it's a little pricey.  Initially you get 50 bags for $15. You decide if it's worth that for less hassle.

We'll toss in a B minus for Sift and Toss on this Does it Work test.

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