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Don't Waste Your Money: Target products sell out with no limits

(WTOL) - Women love Target. For many, it is their favorite discount store because of its hip fashions and clean layout. But in the past few weeks, Target's reputation with women has lost a little bit of its shine, as frustrated shoppers found it impossible to find its hottest new goods.

The Latest: Jason Wu

Target has been making headlines for its new designer labels, such as shirts and dresses from designer Jason Wu, who designed Michelle Obama's inaugural gown.

But if you wanted that shirt from the TV advertisement with the black cat print, you needed to get to Target early, really early.

Susan LaBonte is one of many women frustrated to find the racks empty, except for some non-Jason Wu handbags hanging on them. 

"I saw that it sold out immediately to all these people that were buying these clothes," said LaBonte. 

A YouTube video that went viral showed a couple buying almost all the Wu merchandise at one Miami Target store.

The same thing happened late last year, when the zigzag Missoni line sold out in hours.

High Prices on eBay

Lisa Adams found the Wu collection on eBay, but  prices were as high as $186, three times the original price. 

"I did look for it in stores, but didn't find it. But I hear it's on eBay, which is a little frustrating," said Adams. 

Target told the Minneapolis St. Paul Pioneer Press that it limited online buyers to two items and allowed stores to do so as well, if they wished. A few did.

Retail analysts said it is hard to find these collections, which is why they are so desirable.  If stores had them every day, as Target does with its Michael Graves collection, the line would have the same excitement.

Target did not want to share what its strategy will be with future designer lines, and if it will make more products available.

Many women, however, said they would be happy if each store set limits on how much one person can buy, so they would have more of a chance. 

As always, don't waste your money.

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