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Dem congressional candidate Veysey introduces himself to Toledo

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - One of three candidates in the Democratic Ninth District Congressional primary came to Toledo Saturday to do what he calls "The Main Street Shuffle."

Graham Veysey is a small business owner who says he can relate to the struggles of small business owners, like the ones in Toledo's Warehouse District.

He believes they're the main drivers of our economy.

Mr. Veysey stopped at the 20 North Gallery and chatted with owner Eric Hillenbrand who's not happy with things in Washington.

"I think the biggest problem in Congress is they're in business. If they would just get out of business - out of my business - I think we'd be a lot better off," said Mr. Hillenbrand.

Mr. Veysey agrees.

He says Washington is a place of inaction.

It's not Wall Street versus Main Street but Washington versus Main Street.

"People can relate when I say I've taken pay cuts in order to make payroll and what I'm trying to do is represent the interests of the new Ninth District and not the interests of Washington," said Mr. Veysey.

Mr. Hillenbrand is impressed by Mr. Veysey's visit.

"The best thing I've heard is that he's willing to listen. It's not a bunch of bullet points he's throwing at me. He's engaging in conversation. That's nice," said Mr. Hillenbrand.

But Mr. Veysey faces an uphill battle in the March 6th primary.

His opponents are longtime members of Congress Marcy Kaptur and Dennis Kucinich.

Mr. Veysey doesn't consider himself a long shot.

He claims 77 percent of Ninth District voters are Independent or unaffiliated voters, traits that will work in his favor.

"When people go and they see the contrast of a fresh face versus two people who have been politicians for a combination of 70 years, people understand the status quo is not working and want fresh ideas and a fresh approach," he said.

But did he win the vote of small business owner Eric Hillenbrand?

"He's sure gone a long way to get it" says Mr. Hillenbrand.

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