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Findlay High's random drug testing a success

FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) – It is being used as a diversion to keep kids from doing drugs, and help those who are. School leaders said random drug testing at Findlay High School is working.

Parents were concerned at first so the district held meetings and studied how similar programs were executed in other schools. Findlay began testing some high schoolers at the start of the school year.

Grant Russel's son runs cross country at Findlay High School. He was initially skeptical about the high school's random drug testing program but not he is all for it.

"Kids should be participating in a clean state and having that deterrent makes a big difference to them," said Russel.

Nearly half of the students, including those involved in extracurricular activities and who own a parking pass, are subject to the drug tests. About 120 have taken a test since testing began. Only one student has tested positive.

Findlay Superintendent Dr. Dean Whitwer called the program a success.

"Our goal is to be pro-active to help our children, not be punitive, but to help them in the process," explained Whitwer.

A positive test means the student will not participate in the extracurricular activity or will lose parking privileges. It does not go on a student's record.

"If you get to the students quickly about the fact that they have an issue, then moms and dads and grandmas and grandpas can really surround them with a little bit of concern and care, and help them out," said Whitwer.

Many of the students and parents support the drug testing.

While Russel said he is not worried about his kids having a drug issue, he took the program as an opportunity to speak with them.

"In my household, it helped bring up some conversations about drug use and where we stood, and what's acceptable and what isn't acceptable," said Russel.

School leaders were hoping the testing would lead to those kinds of conversations.

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