EPA sampling 14 sites in Clyde, OH Monday

CLYDE, OH (WTOL) - Federal agents are heading to Clyde, OH Monday to continue researching the Sandusky County cancer cluster.

The EPA will collect samples of the soil, air and water at 14 different locations including the Whirlpool Corporation factory and multiple dumps. These locations were identified in the 2009 study conducted by Ohio State agents.

Federal environmental agents will also conduct geographical surveys, use magnetic and radar sensing and try to identify possible burial places for waste.

Since 1996, about 35 children in a 12-mile wide circle have been diagnosed with brain and central nervous system tumors, lymphoma, leukemia and other forms of cancer.

The EPA will also meet with the public. Anyone who would like to see how the sampling is done can watch a demonstration at 1:30 p.m. at the old Formulated Products site in Clyde.

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