Cash mob encourages people to visit landmark Adrian business

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) -You've heard of a flash mob. How about a cash mob?

That's what happened Saturday afternoon at the store Chaloner and Company in downtown Adrian.

A cash mob is an e-mail Don Taylor sent out to 50 people encouraging folks to patronize Chaloner.

It hit Facebook, went viral and by mid-afternoon, more than 500 people had walked through the doors of the family-owned business.

"We had people walk in and say 'I haven't been here for 30 years' or 'I've lived here for 40 years, never been here," said Taylor.

Chaloner is an Adrian landmark and has been open for 137 years, known for it's outstanding selection of magazines, books and tobacco products.

There's always free popcorn for customers like Mary Kapnick.

"You walk in the door, you smell the popcorn, see the magazines, books and comic books. In the back are the girlie magazines.  Been that way for years," said Kapnick.

Owner Duane Flint says the old-fashioned feeling of the store is what sets Chaloner apart from area book and tobacco stores.

"Customer loyalty. I'd say that more than anything else. People loyal to the store. Everybody coming in here," said Flint.

Loyalty is great for a century old business like Chaloner and Company.

But on Saturday, social media met a by-gone era, packing in new and old customers craving a little nostalgia.  

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