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Does It Work: Opena Case and Callet Wallet for smart phones

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - This week, Terri Adams of Sikeston, Mo. volunteered her i-Phone 4 to try two gadgets: the Callet Wallet and Opena Case. One turns a smart phone into a wallet and the other opens bottles with its pop-out bottle opener.

Adams has no issues slipping on the Callet Wallet. She noticed it is a tight fit for some of her credit cards. In all, she can fit about two cards into each slot, totaling four. A wad of cash would probably also slide into the slots. Adams is pleased with this snug fit, saying it would ensure credit cards or cash not sliding out.

"I hate carrying a purse. This would easily slide on and off, allowing me to pop it on my phone, throw in my cash, and dash into a store. I really like it. I'd definitely give it an 'A'," said Adams.

An "A" seems fitting since the $20 cost seems within range of other smart phone cases. The cases are available at The Callet.

Next, a sturdy case specifically for the i-Phone 4 that has a pop-out bottle opener. Adams has no trouble popping open four bottles of root beer. She is pleased that it has openings built-in to allow for a phone charger and other accessories to still function. It also does not cover up the phone's camera lens, just as the Callet Wallet does not. However, Adams is unsure if she would use this enough to justify the $30 or $40 price tag that is seen fluctuating on different sites.

"It works. It's sturdy. It's fun, but I think a beer vendor at Busch Stadium is about the only person who would get enough use out of this," Adams laughed. "However, I do think it's one of those fun gadget gifts you can get someone who has everything!"

The concern is if it is a good idea to open a beer or soda with something so close to an electronic. .

"It's risky business doing that. If you're cheering or jostling around as you open a beer or soda with your i-Phone opener, you really run the risk of spills and damage. I am not a fan," said Allen Whitaker, cell repair and salesman of Velosity Electronics in Cape Girardeauhe.

The company said on its website they allowed enough room in between the opener and the phone to allow some flexibility if a drink fizzes over.

"I'd say, given that, let's go with a 'B-,'" said Adams.

This bottle opener accessory is available in different colors at Opena Case.

That gives this Does it Work test a final grade of a "B-." 

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