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WTOL11 Editorial: Mayor should institute tough policies on new Neighborhoods Department

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL EDITORIAL) - The recently released report on the Neighborhoods Department in Toledo reveals a lot more about human nature than it does about what was really going wrong. 

There were more questions than answers.  It appears the mayor's investigation found a bunch of people suffering from memory loss.  Like Sergeant Shultz in the 60's sitcom Hogan's Heroes, the people in the department apparently saw nothing and, remarkably, remember even less, and of course, records are missing or incomplete. 

In the end, the best defense was to collectively adopt a policy that nobody is ultimately responsible if nothing can be proved.  It is time for the mayor to institute a tough, no excuses policy.  Going forward this department should be subjected to monthly reports that demand the highest standards of performance.  Otherwise, the only lesson learned in this mess is that bad record keeping, vague answers, and faulty memories, trump government investigations.

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