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Whitehouse Winterfest will go on, with or without snow

WHITEHOUSE, OH (WTOL) – Whitehouse leaders have been planning the village's annual Winterfest for months. The event takes place this Saturday but an unexpected turn is making preparation difficult.

"In wintertime, everybody is kind of tired of the cold weather, so we tried to think of something that would give them something to look forward to and a fun way to spend the afternoon," said Barbara Knisely, Whitehouse community development coordinator.

The only problem is this year there is not a flake of snow on the ground. This is causing some challenges for the village.

"We sure had it last year and you sure would think we would this year, but nothing we can do," said Karen Jennings, a Whitehouse resident.

Jennings is referring to last year's record-setting February when Winterfest had 18 inches of snow to use after Whitehouse officials went to the Farmer's Almanac to choose the snowiest weekend of the year.

"It was perfect last year. We had all that snow. Then on that day, the sun came out and it was a pleasant day," recalled Jennings.

This year is proving to be quite different.

"Obviously snow would be a good thing on the docket, but whether we get it or not is pretty questionable," said Tom Jennings.

This forces Knisely to think creatively this year, switching traditional snow events.

"We've got alternate events for each of the activities. Like the snowball throwing contest will become softball throwing. [Instead of] the snow angel contest, we'll do sidewalk chalk," explained Knisely.

Rather than the typical snowman contest, kids will get a chance to decorate their parents.

There is still one event that is especially difficult.

"The sled race is going to be tricky. I think we need to have some snow or ice or something for the sleds to go down the hill easily," said Knisely.

Knisely said they are considering several options to make it work but residents think kids will not mind the lack of snow.

"They can have a good time whether there's snow on the ground or whether there isn't," said Jennings.

Knisely has the same attitude and said Winterfest will go on no matter what.

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