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Physician Checkup: A WTOL11 Investigation

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Drunk driving, prostitution, drug abuse and prescribing drugs to friends and family members; these are just some to the allegations against northwest Ohio doctors.  Any time the Ohio State Medical Board disciplines a doctor, that information becomes part of the public record. 

An examination of these records shows many northwest Ohio doctors have been reprimanded by the board.  A Bellevue doctor was accused of giving prescription drugs to family members, a violation of ethics laws. Another lost his license after accusations of substance abuse.  A massage therapist from Toledo is no longer practicing after conviction on drug charges and accusation of prostitution.

One doctor, though, stood out from the rest.  Dr. Mohammad Adas of Perrysburg has a long list of convictions, but is again practicing medicine in Toledo. 

Adas has been convicted of drunk driving, aggravated menacing and served probation on a domestic violence charge.  According to police Adas once threatened a State Highway Patrolman, saying he would "put two bullets" in the patrolman's head. 

Adas's drinking affected his practice and his patients, too.  According to court documents Adas would "leave his office in the day to go home, drink alcohol and sleep."  While Adas was away, he left unqualified and uncertified staff to run the office.  In one instance a staff member performed "physical examinations and a digital prostrate examination."  That staff member claimed to have medical experience working at a nursing home, but in fact had come from a job at Taco Bell. As a result, Adas was convicted of Complicity in the Commission of Practicing Medicine or Surgery without a Certificate in 2001.   

The Ohio State Medical Board stripped Adas of his license to practice medicine in 2003, but in August of last year he was reinstated.

"There were some big problems with this individual," admits Richard Whitehouse, Executive Director of the State Medical Board, "[but] this board has had a great deal of success in restoring impaired physicians to safe practice, and I think it's worthy of doing.  I understand that there can be criticism coming out of that."

Dr. Adas is required to complete psychiatric evaluations, submit to random urine screenings and provide continues reports about his competency to the board, as well as appear before them regularly as part of the reinstatement process.  Dr. Adas is also under the supervision of a monitoring physician, Dr. Munir Ahmad.  Dr. Ahmad says everything Dr. Adas does is double checked and that he is never left alone. 

Still, there are concerns that Dr. Adas, who documents state is an alcoholic, could relapse.  Whitehouse defends the board's decision, saying it is the right thing to do. 

"Coming back to our mission of public protection, it does protect the public to get these people out of practice as soon as possible, to get them cleaned up," said Whitehouse "and if that's not going to work, take them out of practice."

Despite numerous phone calls and a visit to his home, Dr. Mohammad Adas was not available to comment on this story.

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