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Locations of proposed red light cameras released

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) – After analyzing traffic in Toledo, the company American Traffic Solutions identified the best locations for the proposed 11 new red light cameras.

Seven busy intersections were chosen for the cameras, which are said to be a big money-maker for the city. The 32 cameras currently in use brought in $1 million for the city in 2011. The new cameras are expected to generate $320,000, which would fund city recreation programs.

The cameras would be located in west Toledo at the corner of Secor and Alexis, Talmadge and Monroe, and Bancroft and Reynolds. There would be two cameras in central Toledo at the corner of Detroit and Dorr and Collingwood and Dorr. There would also be two more at the corners of Heatherdowns and Byrne and the Anthony Wayne Trail and Glendale in south Toledo.

Supporters say that they are also good for safety, and help prevent accidents. Some drivers say they are more cautious knowing they are around.

Those opposed to the cameras, on the other hand, feel they are an invasion of privacy.

The Toledo City Council will be voting on the cameras Tuesday.

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