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Don't Waste Your Money: Shop with online coupons

(WTOL) – If interested in saving money at the grocery store, coupons from the Sunday newspaper do not seem to be enough anymore. Some of the best coupons are now found online.

Each year more and more coupon websites pop up. Making it worse, many are so-called affiliate sites that anyone can post on the Internet.

One coupon expert gave advice on how to separate the good coupon sites from the bad.

Heather Tenney is one of those bargain shoppers that other shoppers envy. The coupon blogger, who goes by the name Little Miss Know-It-All, combines coupons with markdowns for insanely low grocery bills.

"This order will actually come down to $20 for $86 worth of groceries," said Tenney.

Where does she find all her coupons among so many couponing websites?

Tenney uses some of the same sources recently listed by SmartMoney magazine as the Best Coupon Sites for 2012.

Both agreed the first site to start with is simply called Coupons.

"Some of my favorites are Eighty percent of all deals come through their software. They have great secure software," shared Tenney.

A user will have to download a coupon printing program, but Tenney assured it is completely safe.

Tenney and SmartMoney agreed two good alternative sites are SmartSource and Coupon Cabin.

A slightly different site is Retail Me Not where consumers can search for specific stores.

"Retail Me Not is [for when] you never want to pay retail. So you type in the name of the store you're looking for, and up will pop all these coupons other people have reported in," explained Tenney.

Also, while it does not make SmartMoney's list, Tenney loves Ebates for its money-back feature.

Still prefer to clip coupons out of the Sunday paper? Tenney said that is fine, but bigger coupons, such as a $1 or $2 discount, can be found online.

These sites are certainly worth checking out for the consumer interested in saving money.

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