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Call 11 For Action: Costs of cell phone plans increasing

(WTOL) – With so many new smart phones hitting the market, many consumers hope to upgrade this year, or maybe switch carriers. Before going to the store, be warned why prices will rise for cell phones and cell phone plans.

Cell phones are becoming more advanced by the day, and costs, in many cases, are going up.

AT&T just increased their Internet data plans by 20 percent for all new customers.

"As of Sunday, they changed it to $20 for 300 megabytes and $30 for three gigabytes," said Best Buy employee Michelle Allegretti.

For the casual web surfer, 300 megabytes is perfect. However, for someone who wants to stream music and videos, a higher data plan would be needed.

Verizon Wireless also announced it stopped the unlimited data feature for customers.

Sprint is the only wireless carrier to offer unlimited Internet access, but be prepared to pay a $10 premiere charge on top of the current data plan.

"It's a 4G premium that Sprint charges you even if the phone you have isn't a 4G capable phone," explained Allegretti.

A consumer who has a 3G smart phone, such as a Blackberry, will still have to pay the $10 premium charge anyway.

The biggest fee most consumers do not know about it is the charge to renew a contract.

"A lot of people don't realize that you have a $36 activation fee or even an $18 upgrade fee and I think that's something they can look out for," suggested Allegretti.

Also, insurance premiums among carriers have increased. Paying $7 or $8 a month for an insurance premium will not even buy a person a replacement phone, should a phone be lost or stolen. In most cases, the consumer will have to pay an out-of-pocket deductible of $100.

If considering an iPhone, their insurance plans and deductibles are often higher than other smart phones.

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