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Units at Oregon's Bay Shore Power Plant to shut down

OREGON, OH (WTOL) – Portions of Oregon's Bay Shore Power Plant will be shutting down in September. First Energy will be shutting down three of four coal fire units resulting in 80 employees, nearly half of the workforce, losing their jobs.

Officials from First Energy said the shutdown is a result of new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency air emissions regulations. It would have been too costly to make plant upgrades to meet the tougher standards. However, since unit one at the plant uses cleaner coal burning technology, it will remain in operation.

Bay Shore is one of six First Energy plants affected. Altogether, 529 employees will be affected.

The following plants will be shut down:

  • Bay Shore Plant, Units 2-4, Oregon, Ohio
  • Eastlake Plant, Eastlake, Ohio
  • Ashtabula Plant, Ashtabula, Ohio
  • Lake Shore Plant, Cleveland, Ohio
  • Armstrong Power Station, Adrian, Pa.
  • R. Paul Smith PowerStation, Williamsport, Md.

The Bay Shore plant provides about 10 percent of the company's power supply. A spokesperson said First Energy will pull from other power sources and consumers should not notice a price increase.

"It simply wouldn't make economic sense to do the upgrades that would be necessary to make these plants compliant. These plants have typically been run during peak times, so not very frequently over the last several years," said Jennifer Young, First Energy spokesperson.

First Energy will wind down operations and decommission the units before the September closure date.

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