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Bell administration submits amended 2012 budget plan

Source: City of Toledo Source: City of Toledo

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) – Toledo Mayor Mike Bell has presented council with an amended 2012 general fund budget plan.

One significant change is taking into account for the anticipated delay in the opening of Hollywood Casino Toledo.

"We had concerns because the casino isn't going to open as quickly as we had hoped. That creates a budget gap." says Toledo Finance Director Patrick McLean.

The new plan calls for shifting additional money from the capital improvement budget to the general fund, which could total $1 million.

"That's always a tough call. We need to get our infrastructure in place. I'm not 100 percent on the CIP plan at this time." says Councilman Adam Martinez.

As WTOL 11 reported on Tuesday, another proposed budget adjustment suggests installing 11 new red light cameras to pay for city recreation programs.

"It's really important to take a second look at the recreation budget. There was a real outcry from the community from the community we have to restore recreational programming." says Councilman Steve Steel, who wants to make sure this isn't a pure money grab.

"Red light cameras are supposed to be about making sure they're ensuring safety, our intersections are safer. They're not suppose to be just revenue enhancers."

In 2011, the city red light camera program generated $1,004,598, and the additional cameras are expected to generate an additional $320,000.

Another proposed shift is starting a police class of 30 recruits in November instead of December. Council could approve the plan on Tuesday, but it has until March 31 to do it.

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