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Number of cameras in Toledo may rise

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) – The number of cameras in Toledo may be rising in an effort by the city to help lower the crime rate and fund recreation programs.

The Bell administration says that by adding 11 more red light cameras, they will raise $320,000 in fines to restore 2012's recreation funding to the level of 2011.

"I believe that we have to be creative and this is an example of creativity. Because when we first received the budget, recreation was dead on arrival. And now we have an opportunity to not only revive it but actually to strengthen it and move it forward." explained Paula Hicks Hudson.

RedFlex, the company that installed the city's current cameras, will not be chosen to install the new ones. Deputy Mayor Steve Herwat says they were approached by other vendors that wanted to supply the service.

Tyrone Riley, the new District Councilman, says that he wants more time to think about the additional cameras, and hear what taxpayers think about it.

Council members will be presented with the plan on Wednesday, along with other budget amendments. They will have to approve it after that.

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